• Seeking a non-evasive solution for her recurring back pain issues, Hope Gillerman was led to study alternative forms of healing through the Alexander Technique, yoga, and meditation. Being also drawn to the healing power of essential oils, Hope researched Traditional Chinese Medicine to create custom blends and began to incorporate their use into her healing practice.

    H. Gillerman Organics is a line of customized, essential oil blends that were designed for optimal health and stress reduction. Offering more than just their aromas, essential oils stimulate the body's natural healing process. Feeling stressed, irritable, and lacking vitality? The True Relaxation Stress Remedy artfully combines Lavender, Woodsy and Citrus scents to quickly soothe and boost your senses. For optimum potency, all H. Gillerman blends contain only organic or wild-crafted essential oils, vegetable oils and nourishing Vitamin E.

    Lea Michele @msleamichele, star of the hit series GLEE tweeted about H. Gillerman Organics! "@HopeGillerman I absolutely LOVE your oils! I have them at home and in my trailer at work! I can't go a day without them!!"