• Kneipp bath products calm your mind while benefiting your body. These oils and bath salts transform your tub into a spa and make pampering yourself worthwhile and inexpensive. Sebastian Kneipp starting combining plants and oils to produce healing treatments. He used everything from ancient rituals to eastern cures to create amazing results. Kneipp treated his own tuberculosis and the current line treats psoriasis, dry skin, eczema, tired skin and more.

    The products bring together many elements in one's life to maximize benefit. Every item helps contribute the value of water, nutrition, a healthy balance, exercise and plants. The bath products use nature to blend with the body's processes and deliver the best results. Find peace in a warm bath while nature does all the work.

    The total package is available in the 10 pack Herbal Bath Collection. You can sample every product, and view the results without hurting your budget. Sue, an Apothica customer, says "I’ve used these bath oils for years. They are great relaxation for any bath. Love them.”

    Treat yourself and your skin to a spa day with Kneipp bath products. The amazing results make it possible for you to justify a little down time.