• Following a century old tradition, Pre de Provence has mastered the art of creating the finest soaps, hand lotions, and bath essentials. Crafted in Provence using only the most natural ingredients and the purest oils, Pre de Provence products utilize aromatherapy to relax and soothe while nourishing the body and mind.

    The classic Pre de Provence Soap - Milk works into a rich lather that moisturizes and repairs as it cleanses, while leaving a fresh, clean scent. Made with shea butter, this product is guaranteed to leave skin feeling silky-smooth. Lindsey, an Apothica customer, raves about this product: “I would recommend this to anyone who likes a mild clean scent. It is better than any other hand made soap I have tried.”

    Looking for something more rejuvenating? Pre de Provence Soap - Sage features a natural, woodsy scent. An Apothica customer states, “It has an exfoliating quality and smells wonderful.” This soap gently washes away impurities making skin feel refreshed. The exfoliating properties of this bar result in skin feeling velvety and soft.

    This elegant line of soap bars are skillfully made by the most dedicated soap makers who ensure a quality and truly unique product. All products are made with green and eco-friendly practices.