• Feel completely comfortable in your skin with the help of XEN-TAN sunless tanners. XEN-TAN, pronounced Zen Tan, was created out of the frustration created by orange, messy self tanners with strong and unpleasant odors. Developed by husband and wife duo, Mark and Dera Enochson, XEN-TAN mimics the color of those with naturally tan skin, rather than giving the skin an obviously fake shade.

    DHA, or Dihydroxyacetone, is a sugar molecule in sunless tanning products that adheres to the amino acids on your skin creating the appearance of a tan. Too little DHA creates a faded orange color that fades in an uneven pattern. Too much DHA makes skin appear rusty and uneven. Xen-Tan products contain a balanced formula of DHA providing a deep, natural tan that lasts up to two times longer than other products on the market.