• Ligne St. Barth takes the paradisiacal essence and beauty of the Caribbean Islands and bottles them to provide you with skin care products that are as effective in enhancing your complexion as a stress-relieving vacation in St. Barthelemy. Exclusively located on this exotic island, Ligne St. Barth is owned by a family who claims their ancestry back to the French settlers who sailed there in the seventeenth century.

    Ligne St. Barth beauty products use the natural power of roucouyer seeds, harvested by the local Caribbean Indian community, as the base for their luxurious skin care line. Containing Pro-Vitamin A, natural sunscreen, and anti-inflammatory properties, roucouyer seeds provide you with a beautiful tanning experience, leaving your skin naturally bronzed and supple. Sold all over the world, Ligne St. Barth allows you to escape into paradise and come back more beautiful than ever.